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Who I Am

My Passions

I live, eat and breathe photography. It is one of the core foundations of my existence, a gift I absolutely love to use. I also love people. The whole purpose I find we've been given is to pursue healthy, loving & loyal relationships with one another, and I've been a relational individual ever since I was a young child. Whether it's through moral support, professional support, or just being a loyal friend, I enjoy interacting with other people and getting to know the human experience from multiple perspectives, as well as serving the people around me so that they can succeed. When we put ourselves aside, we tend to grow exponentially without even knowing it, so why serve ourselves when we can learn more about who we are through the interactions with other souls we experience on a daily basis?

I'm a designer by, well, design itself. I discovered my abilities senior year of high-school and decided to expound on that newfound ability through the pursuit of my Bachelors at John Brown University. I love typography and editorial design, and often enjoy the challenge of combining both my photographic perspective with the practical, albeit dogmatic, standards (read The Elements of Typographic Style by Robert Bringhurst and you'll understand) of visual text arrangement. Sometimes it's easy, other times it's challenging, but it's all the more interesting either way as I grow that ability daily as a professional designer.

Getting involved in ministry is another passion, especially when it involves serving behind the scenes. Currently I am co-lead on the creative team for a ministry called The Porch which serves young adults in Fort Worth every Tuesday, fulfilling the rolls of creative leader, designer, photographer and brand manager, but also do photography for Watermark Community Church as well.

Client History

Trinity Metro  |  Clarus Glassboards  |  Total Industries  |  LOFTwall  |  Phipps Anderson Deacon LLP  |  Fayettechill Clothing Company  |  Belwave  |   NCH Corporation  |  Watermark Community Church  |  Fellowship Bible Church  |  Flight Deck Trampoline Park  |  Rise Power

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